Sporthotel Hotond.

On the highest hill in the Flemish Ardennes you will find Sporthotel Hotond. And the Hotondberg or Hoogberg is not only the highest hill, it is also the longest climb in Flanders. Furthermore, around the sports hotel lie the other famous and infamous hills of the Flemish hilly landscape. Mountains like the Paterberg, Koppenberg, Kruisberg and Oude Kwaremont. This makes the hotel an ideal base for those who like to test their legs in the Flemish countryside.

Spacious rooms, good food and bicycle storage.

Sporthotel Hotond has ten guest rooms. You rest in the hotel like a real Flandrien. Heroes of the race, such as Boonen, Maertens, Cancellara, Merckx and Museeuw. Heroes of the race, such as Boonen, Maertens, Cancellara, Merckx and Museeuw. The rooms have good beds and a bathroom. The idea that all the energy for the hotel, the bistro and the restaurant is generated by the hotel itself is fun. This fits in perfectly with the green environment in which the hotel is located.

After your bike ride you can regain your strength with a delicious meal in the restaurant. Would you first just like to relax? No problem at all. Then just grab a tasty special beer in the café. In the meantime, your bike is safely stored, waiting for your next bike ride.

Sporthotel Hotond is located between Kluisbergen and Ronse.

At the top of the highest hill in Flanders lies Sporthotel Hotond. But at a certain point you come to pieces of 7% gradient. The last piece is still 5%. So when you get to the top you have earned a drink in Hotond Café. Meanwhile you can enjoy the view at the old mill. Would you like to take it easy for a day during your stay? Then visit Oudenaarde, Ghent, Brussels or Kortrijk. Historical and atmospheric cities are nearby.

Come cycle in the Flemish Ardennes.

Do you want to test your legs like a real Flandrien? Courageously up the Flemish hills? And then relax with one of the many beers from the region in your hand? Enjoy the Burgundian life? Then come to Flanders. To Sporthotel Hotond. Here the cycling heart beats faster. Does this sound fantastic to you? Book your cycling adventure now!